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Moor Green Allotments

An Oasis in the Centre of Birmingham, England



The veggie burglars are at it again, but of course, we don’t help ourselves as the gate is continually open, especially in the evenings, when the pillaging hoards are most active!

What inducement should we take to encourage tenants to close/lock the gates? Does it matter? Do we just accept that anyone can come on site and help themselves?

Leave their litter, break into sheds, speed through the site? We would like to hear from you with your thoughts and practical suggestions (see the Chair writes for email contact details).

We also have a badger problem! Carrots gone missing? Probably badgers - we know of at least one sett in the woods opposite plots 49 - 53. One cheeky little squirrel was also seen on a table outside the Pavilion nibbling away at some broad beans!

Recently we’ve had reports of dogs on site not on leads. One report, particularly distressing, was of a vicious dog attack on site. The rules are quite clear:

7.1  Any dog (including Guide Dogs) brought onto the Site must be kept on a lead at all times. 
The BDAC are also explicit that failure to control dogs on site could result in termination

Regrettably we have had to write to a plot holder watering his plot with a hose directly from a stand pipe. A second plot holder has also had a verbal warning. Again the rules are quite explicit:

6.1  Hoses or sprinklers are not allowed except where required to fill water containers. 
The water budget allocation for any site within the city is based on the same formula and only makes provision for one blue barrel or similar, per plot, to be filled four times (or two barrels twice each!) in anyone year. If we exceed our water budget there is a chance that the Council will turn off the supply for the remainder of the financial year, which would be a horticultural disaster all round. So please can we self police/control our use of water? Hopefully we all made the most of the recent storms to harvest water?


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Prospective new plot holders should visit the Allotment Tenancy section for information and an application form.

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