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Moor Green Allotments

An Oasis in the Centre of Birmingham, England



Do your hands suffer from horticultural overload!? Mike Midgely, committee member, plot holder and fellow suffering helpfully writes...

I have been using ‘Snowfire’ Healing Stick for Dry and Cracked Skin for a number of years. This item is not readily available in chemists or shops now but can be bought over the internet.

As I suffer badly with dry skin which ultimately cracks (on my fingers and thumbs especially) I find this item to be really good in providing a soothing balm and healer.

Many gardeners could benefit from the use of this product if they handle soil or stones/bricks etc.

I usually buy a dozen at a time (so as to get them cheaper). If anyone is interested I can offer to sell the odd one or two to fellow gardeners or advise them where the best place to buy them is for themselves.

Each stick costs £4.00 from me, including postage and packing.

If sales are good and I have a surplus I will donate it back to the association (I am not interested in making profit for myself, merely passing on the knowledge of how good this product is). 
Thanks Mike. Any other useful tips from fellow allotmenteers always welcome.


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