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Moor Green Allotments

An Oasis in the Centre of Birmingham, England



Fellow Allotmentalists,

One compelling measure of a government’s success is its unobtrusiveness in allowing the individual to conduct their business as they wish.

Notwithstanding the presumption in equating the committee with the national executive, it is, therefore, quite right that the majority of plot holders are blissfully unaware of the business of the committee. Within the constraints of time (we are a voluntary body) and finances (we get only 10% of the £18,000 or so raised from rents annually) we work to manage the site effectively; ensuring that we are all able to garden together as a growing community.

Committee meetings can all too easily become little more than a cabal, gathering  to indulge in an hour and a half of jovial, meandering gossip. Or vitriolic abuse, if we’re fortunate.

Be assured that the committee does try to concentrate on the issues that are of greatest concern to association members and drive them forward. Some matters that may be of great significance to particular tenants, and that may seem easy to resolve, are inevitably stalled by the need for consultation, council approval, or health and safety conformity. Which in turn leads to frustration and a conviction that committee is a pointless, impotent talking shop.

Improvements to Pavilion frontage access have been on the agenda for some time but thanks to an impassioned, but reasonable, appeal by a plot holder they have been approved and funds released. By the end of the summer the front steps will be relaid, doors replaced and the left hand run of patio made level with the road. Wheelchairs should be able to enter more easily and the chance of un-inebriated tripping reduced.

We have also agreed to install a new set of speed bumps and put up 5mph signs. Incredible though it may seem, some people require these to persuade them to drive with regard for the others, young children included, who use the site.

The committee can only address matters of which they are aware so please contact us through the committee email address:

email us


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Prospective new plot holders should visit the Allotment Tenancy section for information and an application form.

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