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Moor Green Allotments

An Oasis in the Centre of Birmingham, England



The Seed Store is only opened by request during July and August...

Hopefully everyone is busily cropping now, although you may be thinking of planting winter crops, seeds for which are still available in the store.

If you require other products then drop into the Pavilion between 12.30 and 2.00 where there may well be someone who can help.

Come the autumn we will have in new supplies, including a variety of mixed bulbs for autumn planting, broad beans and Japanese onions which can over winter.

There are still water barrels to be purchased and you might consider ordering a bulk water container (IBC) ready for winter harvesting.

Also available is seed compost and bagged horse manure ready to cultivate the soil for next season’s planting.


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Prospective new plot holders should visit the Allotment Tenancy section for information and an application form.

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